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If you require further information or for a no obligation quote for any of the services listed above please contact us on

01899 308412

or Duncan on 07831 336814.


Crop Services:

  • Our crop services includes Combining, Baling, Bruising & spraying:


  • Our Combines are a Claas Tucano (2010) with a 5.8m header & a Claas Lexion (2002) with a 6m header. These come with an experienced operator.


  • Our Spraying service has a 24m spray boom and is supplied with a tractor & licensed operator.

Baling is available for straw with two John Deere Balers, one belt baler & one roller baler. These are supplied with tractors & operators. We also offer a straw waffle and rowing up service with tractor & operator in preparation for baling.

Straw Baling

Our Bruiser is a Superior 9000 and is capable of bruising 10T per hour and be used for bruising, propcorning & crimping.