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If you require further information or for a no obligation quote for any of the services listed above please contact us on

01899 308412

or Duncan on 07831 336814.



The following spreaders are available:

10 Ton K2 Dung Spreader available for daily hire or with a tractor & operator.

10 Ton Bunning Spreader with spreading discs (ideal for even spreading of hen pen & Human Waste), supplied with a tractor & operator.

Slurry Tanker supplied with a tractor & operator.

Umbilical Slurry System with dribble bar supplied with a tractor and operator. The benefit of this slurry system over a conventional system is increased use of the nitrogen in the slurry, reduced runoff and reduces odour.

Umbilical system

Fertiliser Spinner supplied with tractor and operator. This spinner is fitted with GPS for superior accuracy spreading fertiliser which reduces wastage and costs.